"The" End of Cat's Eye
© 2000 by Thomas Klein

The German version of this text was written in April 1998 after all 73 episodes had been broadcast on "RTL2". It is the summary of an imaginary final episode, trying to provide a sensible(?) solution to the series. Comments are always welcome, please send them to thkle@gmx.net.

Thomas, August 2000

"The" End of Cat's Eye

After a successful theft the cats notice that the paint of the stolen picture is thicker than normal. With an "x-ray"-examination they discover that there is another picture behind the main-painting. It contains some strange figures and a drawing, which shows how to combine other paintings of the Heinz-collection. After doing this, the result can be interpreted as a map. At first it is not clear what can be done with this, but there are some characteristic elements in the paintings which have the same form and size as some of the precious stones and jewels in the collection. Now the meaning of the figures becomes clear: They are the angles, under which lightbeams have to be aimed at the pieces, after they have been put on the corresponding places on the map. The beams are then refracted and reflected in a way that they meet in one point, describing a place in the sea.

Rui, Ai and Hitomi at once start a diving expedition, and at the bottom of the sea they find a small boat which has been sunk there. In it they find two keys and the information, that one fits to a locker at a bank in Switzerland. So there is of course only one way to go: To Europe!

Meanwhile the pursuers of Heinz have dogged Cat's Eye's footsteps, and their head himself, the one who is trying to become president, is following them to Geneva. "Luckily" he is the biggest customer of the bank which the Kisugi-sisters have gone to, and besides that he has some kilo's of nazi-gold lying there, so his wish to use the bank video system to watch and listen to their talk with a bank clerk is happily fulfilled. When he knows that they want to open a locker, he orders his men to catch them and get the key, but after a bit of fighting the trio can escape.
But now the "want-to-be president" shuts all entrances by his men and gives the order to open every locker by force. To be there before the right one is found, the cats have to do something they've been used to: they break into the bank. After the usual obstacles they succeed in getting a closed metal box out of the locker and escape.

The box can be opened with the second key they have found in the boat. It contains documents which proof that during world war II the one now trying to become president in his country was responsible for organized crimes against civilians. After the war he was able to escape to South America, from where he coordinated the elimination of all witnisses of his deeds. Because Heinz had already left Germany and Europe before the end of the war, he was the last one to be found. As he noticed this, he sold his art-collection and went underground, but left hints in some of the pieces, hoping that someone would uncover the secret of the war criminal. He himself could't do this because he thought it would be too dangerous for his family.
But nevertheless after their return to Japan his daughters decide to publish the information, but to do so they have to reveal their identity as Cat's Eye. Toshio is forced to arrest them, but after the ex-nazi has been found and judged, their sentence is been remitted because of their help. And finally Toshio and Hitomi can marry.

Some time later Ai examines the box again and finds that it has a double (welded) bottom. She cracks it, and a photograph of a monastery falls out of it. The sisters can locate it, go there and ... find their father's grave, who has been living there until the last year, concentrating on his painting.

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