Cat's Eye - A possible End
© 1999 by Merle Globisch

I've translated my little piece of FanFiction for CE into a
summarised version for all folks who don't understand the German
version. English isn't my first language, so you may forgive me
my mistakes.
I've used the original names but left out the café and made them
to normal students instead.

                        Cat's Eye

             A possible end after the 73. episode
                   (summarised version)

                    by Merle Globisch

1. This first part is about the past only. It's about what
happened (or might happened) then.

It all begins in 1928, when Michael Heintz is born in
Berlin, Germany. His mother dies shortly after his birth,
his father works as a journalist. As the Nazis begin to
build up their regime, his father is in danger to get
caught, because he has a free opinion and is not afraid to
write this in his articles. 1939 the situation gets too
dangerous, and Michael is send from his father to the
neutral Switzerland. With this action his father saves his
sons life, because not long after Michael reaches with his
uncle Switzerland, his father is killed by the Gestapo.

In the year 1959 Michael comes over the USA to Japan where he
gets married two years later. In 1962 Rui is born, in 1964
Hitomi and in 1968 Ai. The mother of the three gets killed in an
accidental car crash in Boston, USA where she worked for a few
months in her job as interpreter. There my story leaves the
normal timeline. Michael doesn't have to leave in the sixties,
he stays with his daughters. As his wife and their mother died,
there is an even bigger emotional bond forming between them and
him. The three grow up as all other kids, although they never
know much about their fathers past.

In 1981 the situation changes dramatically. Michael is in Bern,
Switzerland over the summer where he was asked to give a few
lectures on the academy of arts. He has something like a second
studio there, he always liked the city since he was here after
leaving Germany.

He also has a great part of his artworks there, only a few items
are in Japan. As they hear from a in Bern living friend of their
father that Michael seems to be disappeared without a trace,
they fly with a close friend of the family (Mr. Nagaishi) to
Bern. But all they find is an abandoned studio, their father and
all his artworks are gone. The friend tells them, he thinks
Michael is chased by some mysterious pursuers, and that they are
chasing him a long time now. He doesn't know much more, but they
manage to find out the name of the man, who sold the artworks
for their father in a great hurry. He also seems to be
disappeared with the artworks to somewhere...!

They try to find out more about their fathers past, but it seems
that nobody knows something about it. In 1983 they haven't
managed to find out more yet. They don't even know if their
father is still alive, but they don't give him up. It seems to
be that he runs away and hides from very powerful persons, who
seem to have something to do with his German past.

From 1981 to 1983 more and more artworks from the collection of
their father appear in the hands of more or less criminal
collectors or museums - mostly in Japan. The artworks have to do
something with the disappearance of their father, they feel, if
they want to know more about what happened the collection is the
only chance they might get.

To quote Al here: "Hitomi and her sisters feel that they have to
resort to theft if they want to see their father again. Acting
under the name of "Cat's Eye" the three girls start their
criminal career, supported by a close friend of the family, Mr
Nagaishi." It soon gets clear that Michael has set clues about
his pursuers and the reason of his disappearance in his
artworks, mostly in his early works.

In 1984 they learn from a non-criminal collector they wanted to
steal an artwork from some very important facts about their
fathers past. The collector tells them that:

"In 1944 my father was teacher on the academy of arts in Bern,
he has also taught your father there. I knew a man who was
Michael's friend, they shared an apartment. By chance I learned
something about some illegal business this friend of Michael had
with a group of some Nazi officers. In November 1944 he was
murdered from unknown killers and shortly after that Michael
disappeared, too. My father suspected that there was something
wrong about the whole case. He found out something very
dangerous, a few days later he gave me an envelop and said I
should hide it somewhere. One day later they killed him, too. I
opened the envelop and found some lists of deliveries from Nazi
gold to a Switzerland bank of the past two years. I saw clearly
that there occurred to be an embezzlement of over 100 million
Dollars. There was also a name mentioned: Sebastian Steiner. He
was a member of the board of the bank, to which the gold was
sent to. He seemed to be involved in the embezzlement and
Michael's friend seemed to be, too. I knew what dangerous thing
I was holding in my hands. I kept the lists, but I hid them so
they wouldn't be a threat for my life, too."

Now they know Michael was or still is involved in this business,
whether as a victim or a witness. They don't believe he has
something to do with the murder of his friend in 1944, but he is
chased from the real murderers since then. There has to be more
than that, something that caused his recent flight. They have
the feeling they still don't know all sides of the case, only
that they found out a very dangerous thing and the roots have to
be searched in a dark past...!

June of 1985: They are contacted by a man who claims to be an
old friend of their father. He says Michael has asked him to
find them and deliver them a message. He needs their help to
find and destroy the men who chase him before they'll find and
destroy him. Only if he gets enough evidences to show up his
pursuers and their crimes he'll be able to return to them and
live a normal life again. He leads them on the track of a man he
thinks of as one of the important key figures. It's too
dangerous for him to follow this track himself, but he knows his
daughters with their experience as thieves could do it. The man
they're looking for is a West-German lawyer named Karl Reimers,
who has worked during the sixties for the same Switzerland bank,
which appeared to be involved in the embezzlement. He was one of
a few lawyers, who represented the company. During this time he
has to have found out something about the Nazi officers and the
company members, who were involved in the embezzlement. He is
staying in Japan at the moment to be the contact of a drug
smuggling from the USA to Japan on a US-Navy ship. If they will
be able to find out what he knows, they'll have done an
important step on their way to the truth.

But the situation changes during the handing over of the drugs.
The police shows up and arrests all criminals. All but Reimers,
who can flee and disappears to a foreign country. He seems to be
lost for them, at least for the moment. A few days later a
letter from him reaches them. He says he thinks a killer, who
was send from the pursuers of their father, is on his track. He
thinks he hasn't much time till the killer has reached him, and
he tells them about the group of people who chase their father.
After Steiner died in 1956, his nephew named Heinz Kapp took
over his position in the board of the bank.

When he worked for Kapp, Reimers found out about the group of
Nazis that still existed and the contacts they have had to
Steiner and had now to his boss Kapp. Later Reimers became the
contact of the group and worked for them. He also tells them
that the group almost dissolved after WW II, but it was hold
together from a mysterious man, who's identity even Reimers
doesn't know about. He knows that their father had seen
something in Switzerland 1944. He was not only the witness of
the murder of his friend, he had seen the plans of a secret
weapon project of the Nazis. WW II is long ago, but these men
are still alive and they still achieve to produce this
particular weapon - even after 40 years. Reimers doesn't have
information what weapon it's exactly, but he says it's something
really terrible.

Some days later Mr. Nagaishi finds out that Reimers was killed
in his hotel room in Rio de Janeiro only a day after he had
written the letter to them. Till now they 've found out things,
incredible things that reveal dark and horrible crimes. Reimers
had hinted that the people of this group want to produce this
weapon to use it against civil targets and kill thousands of
civilians... These people leave a bloody trace behind them...!
Their father was a witness of this crazy plans, he might even be
able to bust the whole group and their actions with his
knowledge and mabey evidences.

In 1986 nothing much happens. They just can't find other clues
about the whereabouts of their father. Kapp is still alive but
is nowhere to be found either. Then there is this mysterious
man, who Reimers told them about. They don't know if he's still
alive, and if he's, what his identity is. With their actions as
thieves they have to be more and more careful. On the one hand
they can get with each artwork they steal back an important
hint, on the other hand they are in constant danger to be caught
by the police or come too near these people that chase their
father. It isn't an easy time for all of them, they know that
they have to find their father, but they're not sure how much is
still in the dark.

In March/April 1987 things come into motion again. They manage
to steal a frame, which their father has created in the early
1950s. Hidden in this frame they find a piece of paper on which
is noted a part of an chemic formula. It's part of a formula for
extremely toxic poison gas, much more toxic then Zyclon B, the
gas used by the Nazis to poison Jews...! Shortly after this a
man appears who claims to be an early mentor of their father. He
asks them to steal a wine bottle, which was found on a sunk
German submarine from WW II near Japan. The label was drawn by
their father as he lived in Switzerland. This bottle was the
only one that was not broken, it was send in early1945 as a
present together with 20 other bottles to the Japan government.
But the man tells them the real intention: the wine was only a
pretext to cover a very dangerous secret. On the bottles should
be transported the formula for the poison gas that should be
produced in Japan. Together with the Japanese the Nazi regime
tried to win the war in the last moment.

Their father was asked to draw the labels of the bottles, and he
did it not knowing the real he found out, he threatened that he
would denounce them in intention of this "present". As public
and bust their plans. After he was witness to the murder of his
friend he had to flee from Switzerland.

They steal the bottle and find the whole formula on it. But they
have to ascertain that the man lied to them. He is in truth an
ex-member of the group and wanted the formula for his own. He
takes the bottle from them, but soon they can bring it back.
During a fight with them he is killed in an accident. But before
he tells them the name of the mysterious leader of the group.
Viktor Berger was the man who killed Michael's friend and is
chasing their father since then. He is over 80 years old, but he
is still leading the group and the greatest threat of


September 10th, 1987

Hitomi is told by her best friend Reiko that CE has stolen an
artwork in the same museum, in which Reiko's father is the
director. He is personally responsible for the picture. As a result 
he will have to repay the sum if the artwork is stolen and this 
will ruin him.
Hitomi gets very angry as she hears the news, because she
asked her sisters not to steal the artwork drawn by their
father and they gave their word.
Reiko doesn't have a clue about the other identity of the
three sisters, but Hitomi doesn't want to be responsible for
Reiko's father loosing all except his only daughter.

After getting home she argues with her sisters, mostly with
Rui. That doesn't lead to anything but more trouble between
them, and finally Hitomi goes out of the house to bring the
artwork back into the museum. Ai stops Rui of running after
her and instead makes her wonder if they had actually done the
right thing.

It isn't time for Hitomi yet, so she changes her plans a bit
and goes to her master Chang first. She has training with him
anyhow on that day.
But she isn't concentrated enough, she is always thinking
about the possible consequences caused by what her sisters
have done. Chang also sees that and asks her about the
problem. She tells him what happened. He is worried about her
being to unconcentrated and led by feelings, and he warns her
to be careful. He dismisses her for the evening, and she first
drives to the hiding place of all their stolen artworks.
She doesn't warn anyone like they normally do, she brings a
stolen picture back and is not going after something. It is
easy to come into the building and lay the picture in the
office of the director. After getting out unseen she jumps
over some roofs heading back to her motorcycle.
On her way she gets inattentive for a second. Suddenly she
feels something small hitting her in the neck. She notices she
was drugged with a little arrow before falling senseless to
the ground. Three men jump from another roof and quickly take
her away.

It's the evening of the next day, and Hitomi hasn't shown up
or left a sign yet. Rui gets worried, because she knows that
it's totally untypical of her sister to disappear for no
reason, even if she's angry...

Hitomi regains consciousness in something like a cell. She
doesn't know where she is, how much time she has laid
unconscious. Who are her kidnappers, and why have they
kidnapped her?
The only door is made by steel and locked. She has a dozen
questions, but it seems that she'll have to wait for whoever
to explain himself. She knows she is in a pretty bad
situation. And she's cursing herself for not acting good
enough on Chang's warning.

A short time later two men unlock the door and force her in
handcuffs to come with them. They don't speak a word, and
their behaviour adds to the worries that run through her head.

She is led through the corridors of a small underground cell
system, and finally reaching the surface she at first realizes
where she is. She knows the house, through which the men lead
her, from an robbery one and a half year ago. At that time
they'd stolen an artwork from the owner of this estate. Akira
Kubari is a rich and very cruel collector, who does everything
to get something he wants. He has sworn vengeance to them.
Is that now his vengeance? She believes it and is even more
worried about her situation. She knows her sisters are
helpless to do something, because they might not even have a
clue what has happened to her...

Soon she stands before Kubari in his office, who is sitting on
his desk and glaring at her with a mixed expression of
satisfaction, hate and scorn. She begins to feel rather
uncomfortable as he tells her about how long he has searched
for a good vengeance for her. It cost him a lot of time to
find out who CE is and how to plan his vengeance.
He didn't want to hand them over to the police, that seemed
too simple. She is horrified as he tells her that he
has also kidnapped a police detective named Toshio Uzumi.
Her thoughts seem to stand still as he adds that he'll make
Toshio see her before he'll kill 'em both...

She tries to struggle against the men that force her with
them, but they're too strong for her and she still has bound
hands. She is led the way back to the underground cells, and
there is no way she could disappear magically or hide
somewhere. She somehow has to find a way out, so she has not
to face Toshio as a thief.
They get nearer and nearer to an open cell door, and she knows
she has to make a decision quickly. In one movement she frees
herself from the hard grip the men have on her, she hits the
one hard so he falls to the floor, the other follows soon.
With still bound hands she knocks Kubari out and frees herself
from the handcuffs. This all has happened in a few seconds
only, she is acting automatically, using her in years of
training sharped senses to be quicker than the others.
Not thinking about what she does she runs to the open cell
door. She sees an armed man coming out the door, in the next
second she has kicked the weapon out of his hands and one
final kick sends him senseless to the ground.
With a card she switches the light off, it's dark in
the cell, only a small gleam of light falls through the open
door. With her trained eyes she recognises the other person in
the room, it's Toshio. She knows she has to bring them both
out of here, if they don't want to be killed by Kubari.
She takes the weapon and torch from the unconscious man and
tells the surprised detective to follow her if he wants to

They run along the hallway, their flight has not been found
out yet. Suddenly he jumps in her back from behind and throws
her with him through an open door in an empty cell. They both
land on the floor of the dark cell, she has to let go of the
torch but can hold the weapon.
Quickly she stands up, but she has to notice she is trapped
between him and the backwall of the cell. He stands in front
of her with the torch in hand, which beam of light is still
pointed at the floor. The only light is falling through the
half open door but she is still in the dark and he can't see her.
However, it's clear: if she wants to get out, she first has to get
past him...!
Too late she realizes now that he's acting as a police officer
and is determined to find out her real identity. He has to
arrest her, whether he wants it or not.
He tells her he'll find out who she is, here and now. He
slowly takes a step towards her.

She finds herself aiming at him with the weapon. She warns him
to let go of the torch and follow her, or she is forced to
shoot him.
He doesn't seem to be impressed by her words or even the
weapon, he slowly lets the beam of light of the torch glide
towards her. She isn't able to shoot at him. She only stands
there with the weapon pointing at him as the light finally
reaches her.

They both are in shock as they stand opposite each other. It's
too late, slowly she lets the weapon sink. She shouts at him
to duck, in the next moment she fires at a man behind Toshio
and hits him so that he isn't a threat anymore.
Toshio stands again, half staring at her, half at the wounded
man. Again she drops the weapon, the metal hits the stone
floor. Still in shock she sinks to the ground on the wall,
then is only silence.

She tells him he has to arrest her, it's over, they can't go
on with this outspoken truth between them. He isn't able to
say something to this, because in this moment men come into
the cell. They both manage to stand up just before one of the
men, Kubari, forces them apart by beating Hitomi so heavily
that she nearly falls.
He forces her against the wall while another man takes care of
the detective. She isn't willing to fight against his beats
anymore, she is still too shocked by the things that happened.
So he beats her almost senseless till Toshio shouts at him to
end this.
Kubari actually stops beating her and asks him instead with a
scorn filled voice, what feeling it is to see the truth. As he
adds that Hitomi has probably never loved but used him, she
jumps forward before anyone can react and hits him so hard he
falls to the floor. She kicks another man senseless before she
is hit in the neck with a weapon and sinks to the ground.
With the last bit of consciousness she takes his hand, she says
that Kubari lied, she loves him and has always loved him.

A few minutes later Toshio sits next to her in a cell, she is
still lying unconscious there in front of him. He thinks of all
the times he chased her, fought her not knowing who she
really was. He isn't able to think of it as only a dream
anymore, it's very real. She is one of the thieves he chased
so many years.
He searches for answers in her face, why she did what he
thought of impossible all these years. There are no answers,
but he knows whatever she did, he can't leave her.
He loves her too much, although he now knows she lied to him
many times.

After a while she wakes up. At first she doesn't realize who
really stands in front of her. As the memories begin to flood
her mind, only one thing really runs through her head:
It's over, forever.
She sinks to the ground again, she only wants to sink back
into the blackness of unconsciousness. But he doesn't let her,
he holds her up and tells her to stay awake.
Tired she replies that it doesn't make sense anymore, it's too
late for both of them.
However, he makes her stay up. As she leans against the cold stone
wall of the cell the realisation hits her again about what
happened. It should have never happened, but it did...!
She says to him again he has to arrest her, it's the only way.
She is a thief and he is police officer. She tells him of
all the thefts only they are responsible for, all the times
she lied to him. She has never wanted it to happen this way,
and if she was able to make things undone she would, but she

He takes her in his arms, he says he can't arrest her. He
loves her and doesn't want to loose her. She tells him to look
at her, to look at the thefts, the suit, the lies! They
can't just pretend it never happened and then go on.
He grabs her at the shoulders. She has to stop that. He would
never give her up, and he would never give them up, even with
all what happened the past few years and now.
She says it's too late, whether they can escape or get killed
by Kubari. They can't win a battle they've already lost from
the beginning.
He refuses to let it go so fast, where is the clever thief or
the fighter? Cat's Eye never gave up so easily, why does she
now? There is a way, but they have to focus on escaping now.
With an ironic smile he adds he never thought he would call her 
Cat's Eye. Only in some nightmares he actually did, and now this 
is all real...!
She stands up. He trusted her and she used this trust to get
information, she admits in a low voice.
Finally she looks at him again and says she isn't sure he will
understand the whole thing, or if he will want to under-
stand it.
She can try, he says. 

All the years she knew someday he would find out, whether by
chance or he would catch them after all. However, she never
expected it to happen so fast. It's not easy for her to tell
him about what she kept a secret from him as long as they know
each other. But telling she does, about their father, who he
is, about his disappearance, about the group and the leader
This proves his suspicion about CE being the daughters of
Heintz, but as she tells him he is shocked from seeing the
whole case and what's behind all this.
But was it worth it?, he asks her. They've broken the law and 
could have been killed or arrested more than once. They don't 
even know if their father is still alive.  

She doesn't expect him to understand, but if they didn't even
try to do anything they may have never seen their father
again. These people chasing him are capable of anything.
She tells him of the time after their father disappeared and
what feeling it was to loose him. It isn't an excuse for what
they've done, it wasn't right from the beginning. When they
started this they all knew about the consequences, they would
have to lie to almost all they love. 

Mabey he was blind not seeing what was right in front of him
all the time, so he wouldn't have to face the truth and the
possible consequences.
He takes her in his arms again, he still fells unable to
really imagine what the loss of their father had done to the
sisters, what pain it must have caused.
He would have understood their motives, either if she had told
him before or now - it doesn't matter.
Yes, mabey he would have understood, she answers him. But even
then he would have had to arrest all of them. It's his job, he
has to arrest all criminals he catches.
No, he can't. Not this time and in this case. He doesn't care
about be suspended or worse, he just doesn't want to loose
She is torn between surprise, hope, pain, love and fear. She
never expected another possibility as the end. He would arrest
her, if he'd ever find out. It never occurred to her that it
doesn't have to happen this way at all...!
What ever happened, what ever will happen, he will be there.
Nobody could keep him of from loving her.
She is still confused, she lied to him again and again. But
there he stands, holds out his hand to her. He is willing to
accept her doing what she does, he is willing to take the
risk. Finally she takes his hand.
The most important thing now is that they find a way to
escape. She tells him of Kubari's plan of vengeance. His
hatred is only fixed on her, because she was the one he
recognised stealing the picture one and a half year ago. She
also tells him of the argument with her sisters. The others
can't help them out, they've got to do this alone.

A short while later two men take them in handcuffs and lead
them the way back to Kubari's office. Soon they both stand in
front of him. Hitomi knows he won't wait any longer, he wants
to kill them now.
He waves two men over to them, they have weapons in their
hands. She knows she has to make a decision quickly to prevent
the worst. As the men reach them she leaps with a high jump
into the air and hits the weapon out of the one mans hand.
They are too surprised to do anything, within moments she has
knocked him out. As she turns around to face the other one she
realizes the one man has cost her too much time. The other is
aiming at her, she is fully expecting to be hit by the
But before he can fire Toshio jumps in his back and pulls him
down with him. A few moments they are fighting against each
other, but Toshio is handicapped because he is still in
handcuffs. She takes the weapon of the unconscious man and
knocks the other senseless with one well aimed hit in the neck
using the metal of the weapon. Within moments she has taken
the key of the guard and is out of her handcuffs.
All this has happened in seconds and Kubari was too surprised
to do anything, but now she sees him taking a weapon out of
his desk. Her card hits the weapon in the same moment he
fires, it's hit out of his hand and to the floor, the shoot
fails her.
She reaches him too late to keep him of grasping a radio
control and pushing the only button on it. She knows
immediately what that means: he has brought an installation
for autodestruction into motion. Once started it cannot be
stopped anymore.
She remembers the words of Ai one and a half year ago: After
20 seconds the first explosive charges will detonate, then
some others, finally the last one will destroy the whole main
building after 8 minutes.
They hear the first detonations in some other smaller
buildings, they have not much time left.
Kubari seems to be completely out of his senses, he only
stands there and laughs. If he can't kill them, he will at
least be able to take them with him to hell...!
They see the walls crack and hear metal shriek. Hitomi has no
time to deal with Kubari anymore, they have to get out of
In the moment she turns away from Kubari the glass of the big
windows in the office burst with a murderous rattle.
Instinctively she goes down on her knees to protect herself.
Only a moment she has time to pay attention to Kubari before
she is grabbed by her shoulders and thrown some metres away to
the ground.
She lands in sheets of glass, Toshio has wrapped his arms
protectively around her. They see only a heavy steel girder
and Kubari lying under it, his neck is broken. The girder
would have hit her, too, if Toshio had not rescued her in the
last moment.
Around them is only destruction and chaos, they smell the
smoke of fire and hear the screams of people.

Hitomi remembers a way that could be their only and last
rescue. One and a half year ago they used a 400 metres long
underground tunnel to come into the house. Now it's probably
their last chance.
They fight their way through fire, smoke and destruction to
the library, where the entrance is hidden behind a bookcase.
Hitomi hopes it's still there, they have no more time to
waste. But they are lucky, the entrance still exists and the
tunnel is not seriously damaged yet.
They run for their lives, the last explosion will also destroy
parts of the tunnel. After what seems to be an eternity they
finally reach the end. It lays hidden in bushes within a small
forest, which surrounds the estate.
It's dark and raining heavily, it must be in the middle of
the night. Just before stepping out of the bushes Hitomi
stops and waves him to wait in there.
When she returns after a minute she has changed her suit with
the clothes of a guard, who lies some metres away unconscious
on the ground.
He just shakes his head in surprise and follows her through
the dark forest. He knows he still has to learn a lot about
They hear the last explosion, the whole estate is on fire now.
They don't stop until they're in a safe distance. Finally they
stop at a small clearing. Both are soaked and bloody, but
they're alive. Exhausted they sit down against a tree-trunk,
they've made it, they are safe now.
He is worried as he sees the blood running down her forehead.
He nearly lost her, the girder would have hit her. He gently
strokes the blood from her face as he adds: "Please don't let
it get as far as now in the future. I don't want to loose you
forever someday...!"
He will never loose her, she answers him. Until today nobody
really got her, and so will it remain.
He doesn't know where exactly they are, but she remembers the
way out. They're nearly 50 kilometres away from home. Some
hundred metres away are rails leading to Tokyo. There is also
a railway over-pass, from which they could jump onto the
train. The trains have to drive slowly on that part because of
various points that have to be switched.
It's better for them to leave now before the fire brigades and
ambulances will be coming, therefore she leads them within 10
minutes out of the forest.
Although it's one and a half year ago, she still knows the
way, besides her trained eyes help her keeping the right
direction. In contrast he wouldn't have found the way in the
dark even he were here before, he thinks.
They just come right to see a train heading in the direction
towards home. Hitomi remembers herself and Rui standing on the
same over-pass, waiting for the right moment to jump. It's a
pretty dangerous way to catch a train, but it's the best thing
they can do at the moment.
As the train passes the over-pass they jump on a wagon and
land safely on it. There are not many people in the train at
this time, they sit close together as the train returns to
it's normal speed.
After all one question remains: what will be tomorrow?, what
next week or next month? Will he be able to chase them even if
he now knows who he really chases?
There will be a way, he answers her. It will not be an easy
one for all of them, but they will make it.
They remain wrapped up in their own thoughts for the rest of
the way, each thinking about what happened and what might
happen in the future.
He remembers a conversation he had a year ago with his
colleague Asatani. She was always so sure about the three
sisters being Cat's Eye, and like so often she warned him to
be careful, they might not be what they seem to be. He was
angry that she doubted the loyalty of his girl-friend, Hitomi
would never lie to him. Seeing what happened the past few
hours he knows Asatani was right after all, Hitomi did lie to
him - but the intentions where not criminal. She never wanted
to lie, he knows that now.
There is so much more about them he didn't know. There are so
much information he has to disgest now, in addition with a
vengeance seeking man, who tried to kill them only an hour
ago...! They will have to explain a lot to Rui and Ai, and
whoever it is the three are working with. He hasn't seen all
of Hitomi yet, there are parts he doesn't know about. But he is 
sure she will show them to him when they are both ready for it. He
doesn't see the Hitomi he knew by now or the thief, who
escaped him time after time, he sees both and he loves both of

Following a spontaneous idea from Hitomi they leave the train a
few stations before their destination. They are near the
harbour, not far from their hiding place of the stolen
artworks. The sun isn't up yet, only smaller ships lay on the
When Hitomi enters first the hidden section of the hall, she is
attacked suddenly. Soon the attacker realizes who she is and
Hitomi is surprised either as she stands in front of her elder
sister Rui. Though Rui is relived to see her sister she is
immediately worried when she notices the blood. What happened
to her?
As soon as she asks this Rui is nearly paralysed and stares
at a spot behind her sister. She has noticed Toshio standing
in the doorway. Hitomi knows what she must think: he has to
know about their secret identity, otherwise he wouldn't be
Rui stares from one to the other as Hitomi explains to her he
isn't here to arrest anyone of them, it's OK now.
Still shocked Rui takes a closer look at both of their outward
figures. What for gods sake has been done to them?
They explain the whole story. After they've finished Rui leans
back against the wall. She knew it couldn't go well much
longer, someday something like this had to happen...!
But what now? They can't stop now, they would probably never
find their father then.
Toshio answers her. He can't arrest them. He knows it will be
dangerous, because he is still a police officer and he
protects the thieves he has to catch. It was indeed a shock for
him to see what he was blind for all the years.
However, if they stop now, they will risk to loose all what
they've fought for, what their father fights for as well. He
will be there whenever they need him. Nothing will be more
reward for the nights he chased them, if they will be able to
find their father. That's all that matters at the moment.
Rui is surprised. Why does he do this? It would be the
greatest success in his career if he arrests them now, and he
risks more than his job when he doesn't...!
They are CE, Hitomi is it and was it all the time. He
gave them information about police actions all the years. If
somebody is able to find their father and the people who chase
him, it will be them. Therefore it is worth all the risk, if
they will be able to finish their mission.

Though still a bit shocked and surprised Rui knows as well as
her sister what he risks with this and what he is willing to
do for them. They know even if it's a dangerous way they all
are going to take, they've found a new ally with him.
They all will have to get used to this situation, but now
there is a chance, a real chance that they will have an happy
end after all.

After a while they leave the hall together and walk on the
quay towards the station. As Rui heard of the fire on the
estate of a man named Kubari, she remembered him and the
vengeance he had sworn to them. Worried about her sister but
not quite sure about her presentiment she drove to the hall
hoping to find any sign there.

The sun is up as the two sister go along the way through the
park only a few hundred metres away from their home. They've
separated from Toshio ten minutes before, he was as tired and
exhausted as they are and needs the rest as much as they do.
But there will be no sleep for them now, surely Ai is worried
about them and they also have to explain a lot to her.
So much happened during the last few hours, not something easy
to get used to with. Hitomi notices the expression on her
sisters face. She knows what she is thinking, they've got a
lot in common, though they're very different in some things at
the same time.
As she asks her about it Rui holds on to her shoulder and they
stop. "You nearly got killed in there...! I'm sorry about what
we did. It wasn't right...and if he'd killed you...!"
She is still her sister, and nothing will ever change this.
They're OK now, Hitomi answers her. They hug in silence, they
have argued before, but never this has caused such 
far-reaching consequences.


February 9th, 1988

It's close to midnight as the police officer Asatani hides on
a roof waiting for CE to show up. The police hasn't been
informed that there will be burglary in the building of
Fukuoka Technologies. However, Asatani suspects that CE will try
to get some information about a safe, in which a picture is
kept CE wants to steal. Fukuoka Technologies has worked as the
only Japanese firm with American firms on the construction of
this safe.
The police thought these information would be too unimportant
for CE, so they refused to keep a watch on the building. Yet
Asatani thinks they'll come and has taken the observation in
her own hands. Although she is taking a risk by this 
contravention, it gives her a better chance to catch these
thieves at last.
After a while she actually sees somebody jumping over some
roofs, the person is coming from the building of Fukuoka
Technologies. She is nearly sure it's Hitomi or at least one
of her sisters. Since she started to chase CE she suspected
there is something wrong with these three sisters. Even if
Decetive Uzumi doesn't want to hear about it, she still
follows her own instinct.
The person has to got past her, in this moment Asatani takes a
step forward out of the dark and shows herself. The person
stops and the police officer recognises it's Hitomi, who
stands in front of her. She isn't dressed in the normal suit
of CE, but there is no doubt what she does here. In her hand
she has some documents she has obviously stolen.
A few seconds they stand opposite each other. Asatani doesn't
pull her gun at her, she knows she won't flee. She has to know
it's over.
It's her in the end. She has suspected it all the time, now
the game is over, she has to arrest her. As Asatani tells her
this Hitomi still remains calm. She asks her if they know each
For seconds Asatani is surprised, she has expected all other
answer but not this. Then she remembers how cunning this woman
is. She won't fool her so easily anymore. She could deceive
Detective Uzumi, but not her.
The reaction she gets from Hitomi surprises her again. Before
Asatani can do anything Hitomi knocks her down to the ground
and flees. Though Asatani is caught only a few seconds off
guard, there is no chance to catch her.
This flight is of no use for Hitomi, tomorrow the police
officer will arrest the three sisters. Satisfied with herself
Asatani leaves the roof...

The next day Hitomi is alone on her way through the park
towards home. It's Friday evening, she and Ai will have to
work on the plan for the next theft planed for Monday. Rui and
Mr. Nagaishi are in Kobe till Tuesday to get information about
another object. Hitomi and her sister stay in Tokyo to carry
out the plan of stealing the artwork out of the safe on
Monday. First they had problems breaking into the safe without
needing too much time, but Ai found a way in the end.
Toshio is in Osaka doing a course till Sunday evening.
Suddenly Asatani steps in her way. She tells the totally
surprised Hitomi she will arrest them, it's over for them.
Hitomi has no clue what the police officer is talking about,
as she tells her this Asatani is not impressed. Hitomi can't
get away anymore. She has seen her on the roof, she has spoken
with her.
Still Hitomi doesn't know what is going on, she is very
confused. She wasn't on that roof, Asatani seems now more then
ever determined to arrest them, so she has to have something in
the hand. The thoughts run through her head, the police
officer would not believe her that she was all evening at
home. Something has happened, but she can't for her life
figure out what...!
She is in a dangerous situation now, she has to manage a way
out of it. Before she can reply anything to the police
officer, they are interrupted by a voice that comes from
above  out of a tree.
There is a shadow of a person, a moment later the shadow jumps
down from the tree and comes into the light. Hitomi is
paralysed as she sees a person standing in front of her who
looks exactly like her. Asatani and Hitomi are both shocked
and speechless, while Hitomi's look-alike moves a step towards
them. At last Asatani regains her ability to speak. What goes
on here? This has to be a trick.
No, this is all but a trick, answers the stranger. Neither her
nor Hitomi has something to do with Cat's Eye, the whole thing
has nothing to do with them.
Asatani smiles mockingly. They are playing theatre to get away
because she has caught Hitomi at stealing these information.
This isn't going to work on her anymore.
The person takes another step towards her. She doesn't care if
Asatani believes her or not. The police officer can't prove
anything, since she was alone on that roof. Besides her
superiors won't be pleased to hear she ignored an order and
observed the firm off her own bat.
Asatani gets angry. She can't blackmail her.
Again the stranger isn't a bit impressed by her words, she
stays calm. Fact is she can't prove anything. With these words
the person takes one final step towards her and knocks her
senseless to the ground.
Finally she faces Hitomi again who still stands rooted to the
spot. After a few seconds of silence the stranger speaks. She
has just rescued Hitomi's neck, she tells her.
If it wasn't for her she wouldn't even have been in this
situation, Hitomi answers her. She asks the stranger what she
knows about CE.
She knows that they're CE, that's all that matters at the
moment. They'll hear from her soon. With these words the
stranger disappears into the undergrowth of the park. Hitomi
tries to follow her, but she can't find her. After a few
minutes she returns only to see Asatani is disappeared, too.
With an uneasy feeling she is on her way towards home again.
She still can't really believe what just happened. They have
to be very careful, this is far from over. Though her
look-alike didn't seem to have hostile intentions against
them, she doesn't like to be at her mercy. Since she has no
clue who the stranger is, what she wants and what is behind
all this, they all are in danger. Besides, what interest could
she have in helping her against Asatani?
First she has to explain to her sisters what happened. Then
they have to find answers for these strange things. As Hitomi
comes home she is expected by her younger sister, who shows
her a newspaper. There is an article about the bulgary at
Fukuoka Technologies, the police expects CE to be responsible
for it.
Ai is worried and at a loss. Asatani asked her for Hitomi and
added she would finally arrest them all. What happened? Who
did the bulgary, if it wasn't someone from them?
Ai is shocked as she hears what happened. She gets suspicious.
What if the person sitting next to her isn't her real sister
but the look-alike herself instead?
Hitomi has seen that question coming, she asks Ai to test her.

Her sister doesn't have to think long about it. Why had their
father painted a portrait of their mother only one time?
He said he would rather see the living original than a picture
of her, he only needed one picture as a memory of her.
Ai is convinced that Hitomi is indeed her real sister at last.
But what happens now? Somewhere out there an exact copy of
Hitomi is running around. In addition Asatani won't give up so
easily this time.
Though the police officer can't prove anything, stealing the
picture on Monday will be even more dangerous as it was
before. Her double has stolen some information referring to
the safe. Even if they don't need these information, because
they found another way into the safe, the stranger might need
them. Whatever she wants with the picture, most of the
questions are left unanswered. Hitomi remembers to have seen a
few fine scars in the face of her double, which show she has
underwent an operation. Only a profi could work as good as
this, and profis cost much money. Whoever is behind all this
has to have a great interest letting another person look like
her. But why? There has to be something more than just this
one picture. Probably the picture isn't the main object,
perhaps they are.
They can't do anything at the moment. They have to carry out
the plan on Monday, even if it's now more dangerous as before.

But they have another problem: if even Ai thought her double
to be her real sister, how can Rui, Mr. Nagaishi and Toshio
manage this? They've to warn them, in case the double shows
off in Kobe or Osaka they at least have got to be prepared.
Besides, the whole case is too important to wait till they get
back, they have to inform them.
Therefore Hitomi phones her sister and Mr. Nagaishi in Kobe
and explains the situation to them. Though Rui and their
helper want to come back at first, Hitomi persuades them to
stay in Kobe, since the thing they've got to do there is too
important to break up now. Ai and she will be careful, they
don't have to be worried about them.
At last the two agree, but Hitomi has to inform them about
anything important till they're back. After that Hitomi also
tries to inform Toshio but can't reach him.

Saturday and Sunday pass by without anything happening.
Neither the double doesn't show off nor she can't reach
Toshio. They all are worried but have no other choice than to
prepare the operation according to plan.
Asatani has to admit she might have taken the double for
Hitomi on that roof, though she also warns them not to feel
too safe, she will have a close look at them. This isn't over
yet. For the moment they are out of trouble concerning the
police officer, but they'll will have to be a lot more careful
On Sunday evening Hitomi drives to the central station with
her motorbike to meet Toshio there. They've arranged this but
she would have done anyway. She doesn't want
to take a risk, since she still has no clue what her double is
up to.
Arriving she has no chance to get of her bike, because in this
moment she sees Toshio coming out of the station with her
double. The two get on a bike and start. She can't let that
happen, she can't let them drive away. Whatever plan her
look-alike might have, she has to stop her. She doesn't know
what part Toshio plays in that plan, but she is sure she will
find out soon enough.
She follows them through the city to the harbour, their hiding
place for the stolen artwork is not far away. Although it's
possible her double knows about the place, they drive not to
the hall but to the abandoned grounds of a closed down
As they walk onto the grounds Hitomi follows them leaving her
motorbike behind. Through old shacks and scattered tools she
sneaks up on the two who are standing on the railing that
separates the quay from the water. They're obviously
discussing something, but she can't understand what they're
talking about.
Next to her stairs are leading up to some loading platforms
and cranes. From there she will have a better view of what's
going on. After getting four metres upstairs she is hidden in
the dark and is able to see them clearly.
Hitomi is shocked as she sees her double suddenly pulling
Toshio's weapon out of his jacket and gripping his arm in the
same moment. He is too surprised to do anything, as she holds
the weapon under his chin. Her double handcuffs him with one
hand on the bars.
In that moment Hitomi throws one of her cards and hits the
weapon out of her hand. Her look-alike turns around quickly
and lets go of Toshio's hand.
Hitomi jumps from the stairs to face her double. Toshio is
shocked as he sees the two persons who look exactly the same.
While she takes a step towards her double Hitomi says to her
she has no clue who she is or what she wants from them, but
she won't get Toshio.
She is wrong, answers the double smiling. She won't keep her
of from her plan, even if she is Cat's Eye.
To carry out the plan she first will have to get past her,
Hitomi replies. The two begin to fight. In their fighting
skills they're nearly equal, so the fight lasts till they are
on a loading platform 25 metres above the water. Hitomi stands
with the back to the edge which has no railing. Both are
breathing heavily. It's frightening for Hitomi to fight
against the person who looks like herself, but she has to
concentrate now. Her double stands in front of her, both are
silently looking at each other a few seconds.
Why do they only steal the artworks made by Heintz?
Hitomi is surprised by this question from the other, because
she thought her double had a better knowledge about the
background of CE.
Michael Heintz is their father, she answers her.
For a moment the other seems to be stunned and even full of
consternation, but then she jumps into the air and towards her
with an extended leg aiming at her head.
Hitomi knows in a second, if the kick hits her, she will be
dead. She throws herself to the side, the kick fails her only
for a few centimetres.
After landing hard on the steal of the platform, Hitomi sees
her double hasn't expected that and can't stop anymore.
Screaming the other falls over the edge of the platform and
disappears into the dark...
Though Hitomi jumps up and is on the edge a second later, she
only hears the body hitting the surface of the water below.
Then is nothing but silence, she can't see any movement in the
dark water.
Eventually she turns from the edge, it's possible the other didn't 
survive the fall, but she isn't sure.
After getting down to the ground she frees Toshio from the
handcuffs. Shocked he asks her who of them she is. She
convinces him she is the real Hitomi, though he is still very
confused and hasn't any clue what is going on.
First they have to search her double, mabey she is still
alive. However, they neither find her alive nor her body,
there isn't any sign of her at all.
Finally they have to give up, now Hitomi tells Toshio what has
happened the last few days.
That might have gone terribly wrong, he says worried after she
has finished. If Asatani wasn't suspicious before, she sure is
now. What does this double of hers want from them anyway?
They don't know, but it would be helpful, if he told her what
her double wanted from him, she asks.
She wanted to get the code for the safe from him. She didn't
believe him as he told her even the police doesn't get it
until tomorrow.
So her double doesn't know as many things as Hitomi thought
she did. But she isn't after the artwork only, there has to be
more than that.
He is even more worried as she says this. If her double is
still alive, she perhaps will try to steal the artwork
tomorrow as well. They have to be very careful, she might get
in their way.
He doesn't have to be worried, they will be careful. But he is
right. The other surely isn't someone to be underestimated.
This double is more similar to her than she is willing to
admit, he remarks with a grin. She also isn't someone to be
underestimated. Nobody knows this better than him.
He gently strokes a strand of hair out of her face and kisses
her. She kisses him back passionately, then she lets go of him
with a smile.
They have to go home, Ai surely is worried about them.
As they leave the empty grounds she asks him why it wasn't
able to reach him when he was in Osaka.
Most of the time he was too occupied to be in his hotel, he
answers shrugging his shoulders.

When he sits behind Hitomi on the motorbike he replays the
events in his mind. He is startled how easy he took this
double for Hitomi. This person copied her very well, in
language, posture and gait. The last months he learned a lot
about her, though she still sometimes surprises him.
Tomorrow they will stand on the opposite side of the law
again. Though he has no real intention to catch her and her
sisters anymore, he still has to fake he is after them as
before. Each time the three get themselves in a dangerous
situation, but he knows by now there is no turning back since

Ai is just as worried as Hitomi assumed. They still have
nothing but unanswered questions. Hitomi has more and more the
feeling this has something to do with the group chasing their
father. This double was send by somebody, and she knows the
group has to be involved somehow. But why?
Mabey they got nearer the final answers about their father's
disappearance and the group. From this point of view she is
not sure whether she is glad about or frightened by this
reaction from the group.
She somehow knows her double is still alive and there is
still much trouble ahead of them. As she speaks with her
elder sister and Mr Nagaishi the reaction of them is as she
expected. In spite of the danger Ai and her are in, she
convinces them to stay in Kobe. Though they all are not happy
about this they agree they will work as planned.

The next day they work exactly like planned, although they are
very careful and always looking for a sign of the double. But
they can steal the picture without getting into trouble, there
is no interruption.
After fooling the police once more they drive home. Nobody
follows them, but Hitomi thinks it's too quiet. No corpse has
been found in the water, so her double has to be alive
somehow. The whole thing gets more and more uncanny.

On Wednesday they get a short, cryptic message. The double
wants to meet Hitomi in a bar. First this person wants to
fight and now she wants to talk...This seems very much to be
Rui's and Mr Nagaishi's mission has developed more complicate,
because of that they will return not until Thursday morning.
Although Hitomi knows it's dangerous to meet with her double
alone, this seems to be the only way to find out more about
this whole cryptic issue.

As Hitomi enters the bar a woman she recognises as her double
speaks to her. Even if she has removed some make-up and has
now blond hair, they still look a lot alike.
No more than three days ago she wanted to kill her. What
changed her mind?, asks Hitomi sarcastically.
Something has happened, that's why she can't carry out her
instructions anymore, the other responds calmly.
What were these instructions about? To kill her?
Yes, but not only that, the other answers to her question.
Mainly she had to keep a watch on them. After she had killed
her she would have taken her place for a short time. When she
found out about all they know and were they hide the stolen
artworks, she was instructed to return to her instructors and
tell them what she found out.
The instructors are the people who chase their father, aren't
Yes, they are. But she didn't know until Hitomi told that
Heintz is their father. Till then she only knew they got too
close to this people.
Why doesn't she finish her mission now?
She doesn't do it because she knows their father, the other
answers. However, she didn't know they are his daughters, she
didn't even know he had children.
Hitomi is confused. How can she know him?
A few years ago she was a thief as well, the other answers
again. In the summer their father disappeared she broke into
his house in Bern. But he caught her. Although he could have
handed her over to the police, he told her to clear off, than
he would forget he had seen her. A few days later he
disappeared. These people chase their father since 1944. She
knows who they are and where at least some of them are. But if
they find out she tells the sisters what she knows and doesn't
carry out her instructions, they will kill her.
Their father is back in Switzerland. He will soon have the
evidences to finally blow the whole group up, the other
continues. The sisters came very close to them as well, the
three know too much.
Why does she tell them all that? How can they be sure this
isn't only to keep them of the people's track?, Hitomi asks
She tells them that, because she thinks these people have to
be stopped. Although she might be the last one Hitomi wants to
trust at the moment, she has no other choice than trust her.
Their father's and their own time gets shorter each minute. If
they don't take this chance now, they may never get another
one. Their father is in great danger, they are the only one
who are able to stop these people.
Hitomi realizes this can actually be their last chance...! OK,
she answers. But what now?
There is only one name she knows. David Baumgartner is a
lawyer and lives in Zurich. He can help them. That is all she
knows, they have to do the rest on their own.

Where will she go now?, Hitomi asks the other.
She will hide somewhere until this whole thing is over. She
hopes they will find what they look for.
With these words she is out of the door and disappeared in the
dark. They will have to go to Zurich and fight the final
battle there...


February 19th, 1988

Two days after Hitomi received the information from her double
that they will have to search in Zurich for their father, the
three reach Switzerland in the afternoon of Friday19th. As they
leave the terminal of the airport a man speaks to them, who says
he is the lawyer David Baumgartner they look for. He fears he is
being followed, that's why he had to leave his house and office.
He leads them to a car, with which they drive to the hotel.

Only one flight after the sisters Asatani reaches Zurich.
Although she had to admit she saw the mysterious double of
Hitomi on that roof, she still thinks the three sisters have
more to do with Cat's Eye than they admit. Because of that she
has followed them to Zurich, if CE wants to steal an artwork
here, she will arrest them finally. However, Asatani gets only
out of the terminal, because a stranger holds a weapon in her
back and forces her into a dark limousine. She is drugged to
unconsioness before she can do anything.

The three sisters and Baumgartner are in the hotel room, as he
tells them about the time he met their father the first time.
1981 Michael came to him and asked for his help. He said he knew
something about very powerful people that was very dangerous for
him and his children. After some months their father got in
touch with him again, Michael told him about all he knew. He
said a man came to him in Bern and said he had some evidences
that could prove the crimes of Viktor Berger and his group. But
before he could give this evidences to Michael, he was shot and
all evidences he might have had were stolen. Michael made
Baumgartner promise not to tell anyone about this, especially
not his daughters, because he feared they would get in the line
of the group. After that he disappeared again, but got in touch
with the lawyer from time to time and gave him all evidences he
received. Where is he now?, Rui asks him. He is in Zurich, but
he is in great danger. The group has to know he is here, since
they have rummaged through the lawyer's house and office but
didn't find anything, because he keeps the documents in an
abandoned house near the lake of Zurich. Michael might be in
this house at the moment, but the group is after him. What they
are waiting for then? They have to get there as fast as

The scene changes to an old house lying directly on the lake of
Zurich. Michael came to the house over the lake with a small
boat in order to take all the collected evidences with him that
are hidden here and fight the final battle. There are the copies
of the list regarding the gold delivered to the Swiss National
Bank, tapes with bugged conversations, bills, confidential
letters, and all with the signatures and voices of the men
chasing him.  He won't run away anymore, now he has the
evidences that will destroy the group. These criminals will have
to pay for their crimes. During the last years he has been all
around the world, from Bern to Paris, London, Washington, Rio de
Janeiro, Manila, the list seems to be endless. The first months
he travelled from one city to the other, with false name and
other passports. Sometimes he coloured his hair or shaved his
beard. He heard of the Zurich lawyer Baumgartner, and he knew he
needed help to end this whole fuss and stay alive. One year he
disappeared in Brazil, learned Portuguese and hid within the
protection of a small town in the middle of Brazil. Although he
had felt safe in Japan, he had never been careless. In the
course of the years he had worked out a lot of plans, if it
would be necessary to flee. He had hoped he won't ever have to
use this plans or the forged passports. Mainly in the USA and
South America he knew some people from his first flight so many
years ago. In the last years he has become a master of
disappearing and he knows how to cover his tracks. Many people
dream of disappearing, leaving all behind and beginning a new
life. They dream of the total freedom, but he knows it better.
Although it seemed to be so, he never was free. He always had to
run, he was always on flight and on search of new evidences,
which could end his running away at last.  If this whole fuss is
over, he will eventually be able to return to his daughters.
However, he knows he will never be able to repay what they have
done for him the past few years. They got themselves in great
danger again and again by stealing his artworks back. Although
he would never have made it without them, he can only assume
what price they had to pay for it. But they can't help him now,
he has got to do this alone. Finally he leaves the house with a
little brief-case. He is stopped cold in his tracks just a few
metres away from his boat as a voice calls him from behind...

As the sisters leave the hotel together with the lawyer, Rui
notices the guns aiming at them out of the window of a black
car. She throws Hitomi, who is walking in front of her, with her
to the ground at the last moment. Next the unknown persons begin
to fire, but they don't hit one of them. Rui and Hitomi are
lying behind a car, Ai has thrown herself behind another car and
the lawyer flees behind a corner. Suddenly Hitomi sees how Ai is
beaten unconscious by two men, who take her with them to the car
while one other is still shooting. After a few seconds they stop
shooting and drive away with Ai. Although the car is already in
the lead very much, Hitomi runs after them. She throws a man
from his motorbike he wanted to park and then drives after the
black car. Rui is rooted to the spot for a few seconds as she
sees her sister following the kidnappers of Ai. Eventually the
lawyer grips her arm and says to her they have to get to the
house on the lake of Zurich and help their father. Although Rui
doesn't want to leave her sisters for their own fate, she has no
other choice than to follow the lawyer. While they drive out of
Zurich Rui gets more nervous and worried the minute. She has no
clue what happened to her sisters and what they will find in
this house. As Baumgartner stops the car a small distance away
from the old house they see two black cars standing infront of
it. They've come too late, but perhaps there is still a chance.
Next Rui sneaks up on the two men leaning on one of the cars and
overpowers them quickly and noiseless. She and Baumgartner each
take a weapon from the men and enter the house very careful
through the back door. As they assumed there are more men. After
two of them are overpowered easily by them Rui sees through a
window two persons standing near the water. One of them she
recognises immediately as their father, since he hasn't changed
much in the last six years. Michael stands with a brief-case in
one hand in a defensive position infront of a man from whom she
can only see the back. As soon as she notices the unknown man is
aiming with a gun at their father she sneaks back through the
door they came in and then carefully around the house.

Hiding behind an old hut, which was used to store little boats,
she eventually stands only a few metres away from their father
and the other man that she recognises now as Heinz Kapp himself.
Kapp has taken the brief-case from Michael and is still aiming
at him with a weapon. As he is about to shoot, Rui emerges from
behind and forces him to let go of the weapon and give Michael
the brief-case back. For a second she is distracted by one of
Kapp's men who is running towards them but is overpowered from
the lawyer. However, Kapp is able to knock the weapon out of her
hands and push her back. With a knife he attacks her but Michael
can get hold of his arm. Now Rui has enough time to kick the
knife out of Kapp's hand and beat him till he is laying
senseless on the ground. It's over, they've made it. Their
father stands infront of her, they are standing opposite each
other for what seems to be an eternity. After some seconds she
lies in his arms, she knows what problems they have to face it
will be alright.

Hitomi has followed the dark car through half of Zurich to a
hall in a business park, which grounds seem to be abandoned. She
leaves the motorbike behind and sees hidden behind a corner one
of the men taking her sister on his shoulder and following his
accomplice through a door into the hall. Suddenly a bullet hits
the wall next to her and she throws herself behind some stacked
up barrels. Although the barrels give her cover, she is grazed
by a bullet on the left arm. Too late she realizes what sort of
cover she lies behind as the petrol filled barrels explode and
from the explosion she is hurled back against the wall. She
isn't hurt though. Since the invisible marksmen have stopped
shooting she runs over to the black car without caring that she
is an easy target now. She is covered by the car as the men fire
again. As soon as the third man wants to leave the car he is
quickly knocked out by her. After she has taken his weapon she
notices an empty glass ampoule in his hand. It must have been
some kind of drug in it they gave her sister. In a gun fight
with the two marksmen she putts both of them out of action
before she gets on the roof of the hall.

The scene changes to Asatani, who is lead with bound hands by
two men through a dark corridor. The men ignore her furious
questions and instead force her along the corridor towards a
small room which seems to be part of a bigger hall. Next she is
lead to an old man with grey hair, in his eyes lies a coldness
and darkness that make her shudder. He tells her she has
interfered in a thing she doesn't even come close to understand.
As she wants to answer him furiously she sees another man who
has taken the unconscious Ai on his shoulder. What have they
done to her? But the old man only answers this interference
could cost her life.

After Hitomi has knocked out two other men she enters the hall
through a door on the roof. Carefully she steps down the stairs
that lead into the same small section of the hall Asatani was
lead into before. There she overpowers two other men but looses
her weapon during the fight. As she reaches through another door
the main section of the hall, which is half-filled with boxes,
she is shocked and almost paralysed at the sight. Hidden behind
some boxes she sees Asatani bound to the wall, her sister stands
aiming with a gun infront of the police officer. The voice of Ai
is cold and murderous as she tells Asatani she is going to kill
her, she should have been more careful with whom she picks a
quarrel with. This can't be really happening, it has to be some
sort of nightmare...! This person standing infront of Asatani
can't be her sister, but she realizes in the same second she
indeed is. What have they done to her? As Ai releases the safety
catch of the gun Hitomi throws a card and hits the weapon out of
her sisters hands. She can't let her do this, she says as she
steps out from behind her cover. As Ai turns quickly Hitomi is
frightened by the cold, strange look in the eyes of her sister,
there is nothing than hatred, coldness and scorn. She wasn't
part of her plan, Ai tells her grinning. It's not her plan, it's
Berger's plan, isn't it?, Hitomi asks her. For a few seconds
they stand opposite each other. She will kill her, too, Ai says.
She has no clue what they have done to her, but she has to fight
against it. She isn't a murderer, Hitomi tries to bring her to
her senses. They begin to circle each other, Hitomi foresees she
will have to defend herself against her sister if she can't
reason her. Ai picks up an iron pole, the drugs or whatever they
have done to her seem to oppress her normal self and replace it
with another, strange one. She won't fight with her, Hitomi says
but sees her chances getting smaller with each cold glare she
receives from her sister to come out of the situation with
another way. Then she will die without a fight! With these words
Ai runs towards her with the pole aiming at Hitomi's head. Three
times the deadly blow misses her head, but the drugs seem to
have mobilised and multiplied Ai's strength. At last Hitomi is
able to grab the pole, both hold the pole in a silent contest of
strength. Hitomi is forced back, because in addition to the
multiplied strength of her sister her injured arm handicaps her.
With a sudden jerk the pole is tearred out of her hands and
swung around. A short, sharp pain on her head lets her stagger
back, she feels the blood on her forehead as the pole hits her.
Although the pain seems to have frozen her thoughts momentary
instinct takes over as she kicks the pole out of her sister's
hands on the next attack. She is not her enemy!, Hitomi tries
again to reason her sister. She won't tell her what to do
anymore, is the only answer. Hitomi is suddenly trapped from the
cold fire in Ai's eyes, she can't even do anything as she sees
the fist coming towards her. Only the pain of the blow gets her
out of this strange spell. Again the instincts take control over
her actions as she grabs Ai's hand and shoulder and pushes her
backwards so hard her sister is thrown to the ground. If she
wants to kill her, she will have to get her first, she says
before she leaps high into the air and jumps over some boxes
onto a metallic footpath leading through the hall under the
roof. A few stairs lead to the ground, others to the roof. With
a cold grin Ai quickly follows her. They fight with each other,
Hitomi trying all the time to get Ai to her senses but doesn't
succeed. Nobody can get the better of the other. Hitomi is
frightened by her own lose of control of the situation, she has
to remember it's her sister she is fighting with. Eventually
Hitomi jumps to the ground and thinks for the first time of the
still bound police officer. The visual contact between her and
Asatani breaks as she has to face her sister once more. Suddenly
Ai has a knife in her hand and takes a step towards Hitomi, who
shrinks back from her. She has to stop this! She has to fight
whatever has taken control over her. Berger always got away with
his crimes, and he will get away with them again if they don't
stop him now!, Hitomi says. This words don't succeed either,
since Ai attacks her with the blade aiming at her chest. Again
they pit their strength against one another, and again Hitomi
feels she will be defeated since she has no choice than to back
of because of the enormous strength of her sister. In Ai's eyes
the frightening hatred is still blazing. She knows she is
loosing, doesn't she? This scornful words of her sister snap her
out of it, with a snarl she contorts her arm so violently she
nearly breaks it. Ai has to let go of the knife and is hurled
hard into some boxes. She has lost control again, Hitomi thinks
as she looks at her sister, who slowly stands up. At last she
begins to fight, Ai grins at her. They have to stop it, they
both have to, Hitomi manages to say before Ai throws herself
towards her. Suddenly she pulls back with a scream, first Hitomi
doesn't know what happened. Then she sees the handle of the
knife looming out of her sister's chest. Time seems to stop as
Ai staggers back with a look of surprise, pain and unbelief in
her eyes. She draws the knife out of her chest and the bloody
blade falls to the ground. Hitomi is too shocked to move as all
her thoughts seem to stop. The cold, strange look leaves her
sister's eyes, but the blood on her shirt and her hands remains.
Ai sinks back against some boxes as Hitomi finds the strength to
move. A second later she kneels next to her. What is happening
with her? Ai's voice has lost it's coldness and has returned to
normal. What has she done?!, Hitomi stammers in deep shock and
fear as she holds Ai in her arms. "It's not your fault, it's
mine...!", Ai whispers and begins to close her eyes. Cold fear
grabs at Hitomi as she sees her sister dying. She has to stay
awake!, she shouts at her. For an eternity all has stopped,
everything has lost it's meaning. In the pale face of her sister
she sees the certainty she has killed her own sister... "No!!!"

Asatani hears the scream that tears the quietness apart. With a
pocket-knife she was able to escape her bounds. Now she is
rooted to the spot as she sees Hitomi kneeling on the ground
holding her sister in her arms.  That mustn't have happened.
Whoever the old man is and whatever he wants from them, he has
won. He used the sisters against each other and made herself a
helpless witness of the frightening sight. She has made it.
Finally she was able to uncover Cat's Eye, but she is not in the
mood for a celebration. She feels as if she has won and lost at
the same time. She takes some steps towards Hitomi, who raises
her head. Asatani is frightened as she sees her blood and tear
strained face, her eyes are empty and inexpressive. She never
wanted that to happen, Asatani thinks as Hitomi carefully lets
the lifeless body of her sister sink to the ground and stands
up. Her shirt is bloody as well, but her eyes are most
frightening, because there is nothing in them, they are totally
empty. Now she can arrest her as a thief and a murderer, Hitomi
says with a voice that is just as empty and inexpressive as her
eyes. She doesn't even look at the police officer, her look is
directed at a spot behind Asatani. When she turns over Asatani
sees the old man standing in a small distance behind them.

Although Hitomi has never seen the man before, she knows
immediately who he is. He is responsible for chasing their
father all these years and has made her kill her sister...!
Before she even knows what she is doing she holds the gun in her
hand that she took from Ai earlier. Berger is standing there
unarmed and quiet, he doesn't even move as she points the weapon
on his chest. She doesn't care about anything anymore, it seems
so easy to just pull the trigger and end this bastard's life.
When she has reached him there is silence for a few seconds.
Eventually he tells her to pull the trigger, she has a right to
do so after all these years. A hard blow from her lets him go
down on his knees. He planned that right from the beginning,
didn't he?! Her voice is cold as ice, but also full of pain and
hatred. She can shoot him, if she wants to. He is an old man,
all what he has is some power, he says. Another blow hits him.
What harm has their father ever done to him? He exists, Berger
answers and adds: It would have gone well, if their father
hadn't shown up in Bern six and a half years ago. He wouldn't
have made it without them, because they are the key of his
strength. Therefore Heintz will be destroyed if his daughters
are. With a snarl she hits him again and he staggers back. Mabey
he destroyed them, but he will never get their father!

Having nearly lost all control she beats him till he lies with a
blood strained face and almost senseless on the ground. He is
responsible for every second of worry and fear of the last
years. Images of the fight with her sister run through her head.
Finally she pulls him up and pushes him against the wall. She
holds the muzzle of the gun against his temple.  She always
thought it would be more difficult to kill somebody, but now it
seems to be so easy.

Suddenly a door is opened. She turns quickly while she holds
Berger infront of her with the gun still on his temple. She is
shocked as she sees their father standing some metres away in
the door. She can't believe it's really him, this has to be an
illusion. He tells her to drop the weapon She refuses to let
Berger go so easily. She can't let him go, she answers. Yes, she
can. Berger isn't worth to throw her life away, Michael says
gentle and calming. That doesn't matter anymore. Ai is dead, she
has killed her!, Hitomi shouts at him.

Witnessing this scene Asatani stands next to Ai's lifeless body.
Suddenly she hears a noise that lets her turn her head. Hope
arouses in her and she feels a weak pulse. She is alive! As
Hitomi hears this words from the police officer she turns. She
is still alive, but they have to help her quickly, Asatani says.
Hitomi is torn between new hope and unbelief. Michael holds out
his hand to her as he repeats gently to give him the weapon.
It's not too late. They can't let Berger get away after all he
has done, she says. He won't get away, not this time. Neither he
nor his accomplices will ever commit a crime again. It's over,
he answers.

In her head two sides fight against each other. On the one hand
it doesn't matter if she kills Berger, because it's over for
them anyway. Asatani has seen and heard enough to arrest them a
thousand times. What sense does it make? They won all and lost
all at the same time. Does their father know he finally is
together with his daughters only to loose them again? The other
side in her head says Berger has won if she shoots him now. He
wants her to kill him. This is his last attempt to manipulate
and destroy them. This fight in her head seems to last an
eternity, she doesn't really realize that she takes the gun from
Berger's temple. A hit in the neck lets him fall senseless to
the ground. She drops the weapon as well and then stands
opposite her father. The next second Michael is holding her in
his arms, she would sink to the ground if he didn't hold her.
Only out of great distance she hears his calming words.

The doctors said Ai has lost much blood but the chances aren't
bad she will survive. If she survives the operation, she will be
OK, one of them said. Whatever "OK" means in their life now,
Hitomi thinks as she sits next to her father in a waiting-room
of the hospital. She lost Asatani out of sight, but Berger won
in the end, because there is no other way then the arrest by the
police officer. Eventually Rui comes towards them. She helped
the lawyer while Michael drove to the hall he knew the group was
using. What happened?, Rui asks before she notices the outward
figure of her sister. What have they done to her?, she asks her
worried as she embraces her. Before Hitomi or Michael can say
something to this, a doctor approaches them. Ai was lucky, the
blade missed her heart and didn't cause irreparable injuries.
She will need much rest, but she won't suffer lasting damages.

The sun has gone down for a long time as Asatani leans on the
railing of a small bridge and looks out onto the frozen lake
lying in a park within Zurich. She knew immediately what Hitomi
intended to do as she aimed with the gun at the old man. She
knew as well she couldn't have stopped her, even if she wanted
to. She saw Ai's lifeless body lying on the ground and stopped.
Whatever was between the sisters and the old man, she didn't
think she had the right to interfere. Although it would have
been her duty to do so as police officer, Hitomi had to make her
own choice. For a moment she was too surprised to breathe as the
old man told the name of Heintz. Cat's Eye, these three sisters,
are actually the daughters of this artist. The detective had
been right with his assumption after all. Mabey he knows it very
well, mabey he recognised Hitomi and her sisters as CE a long
time ago. If he did, he not only covers but also helps them with
their thefts.

She came here to finally arrest CE, but things changed somehow.
Hitomi admitted during her fight with her sister they lied after
Ai's hatred filled words Hitomi didn't even know what truth is
because she lied to all. Why did they lie? Hitomi said to the
old man he chased their father since 1944. Mabey that is why he
disappeared, and his daughters became criminals in order to
search him. The only question is why is Heintz chased? But that
is unimportant for her, she got what she wanted. The three won't
oppose the arrest anymore, they won't deny having done the
thefts. However, it isn't as easy as that, she realizes in this
moment. Mabey it is the helpless, frightened look in Hitomi's
eyes during the fight with Ai, mabey it are her empty and
inexpressive eyes as she thought her sister to be dead, mabey
it's even the fact CE aren't mere thieves, but much more. Hitomi
seems to be not only the cunning thief she always thought her to
be, but mostly, like her sisters, the daughter of a father, who
would do everything to find him. Presumably she never wanted to
lie, especially not to Detective Uzumi. However, the things they
did were wrong. On the other hand they found what they looked
for at the end and got decades of crimes into the light.

Annoyed about herself she shakes her head. All these thoughts
don't help her, she still is in a dilemma. She can go to the
hospital and arrest the sisters, it's her duty as police
officer. But doesn't she take Heintz his daughters away at the
same moment he is together with them again? Isn't it actually
dangerous for her to have these kind of thoughts? If she doesn't
arrest them, if she protects the thieves she chases two and a
half years now, won't she become an accomplice?

When Michael and his daughters enter the room, in which the
still unconscious Ai lies, Hitomi sees again the image of her
dying sister in her mind. It doesn't matter she acted out of
self-defence, she almost became the murderer of her own sister.
Who has done this?, she hears her elder sister ask and sees her
clench her fist. She deserves her anger, but more than that she
hates herself. That she lost control, that she didn't find
another way. All her experience and skills in fight were
useless. Finally she tells them what happened in the hall.

After Hitomi has ended Rui's thoughts are in chaos. They have
made it, but for what price? They almost lost their sister.
Although she is still alive, what does she live for? Asatani
will come and arrest them. It's over. They are responsible for
what they've done, there is no other way, Hitomi speaks out what
Rui thinks as well. Michael stands up. No, he lost them one
time. He won't let them take his daughters away from him a
second time!

He looks from one to the other. In his eyes lie fear, resolution
and the refusal to accept what they have already accepted as
last consequence. Hitomi is right, Rui says now. They have known
right from the beginning what could happen in the end. But they
did the thefts only because of him. He would never have made
without them. They are no criminals, the police has to consider
that, Michael says. They will consider that. With these words
Hitomi gets a card out of her pocket. But that doesn't mean they
didn't break the law. The motive doesn't matter, they are
thieves. Asatani has chased them for years, but they were always
quicker than her. This time they weren't, she adds. No, this
time they actually weren't. Nobody noticed the person till now,
who stands in the doorway and repeats Hitomi's words. Hitomi
stands up, some seconds she and the police officer only look at
each other. Both know in the same moment each stands opposite an
old opponent. Somehow it had to come to this point, all fights
of the last years had to come to this final confrontation.
Whatfor does she wait?, Hitomi says bitterly without removing
her gaze from Asatani's. Asatani doesn't answer but steps
wordless towards the unconscious Ai. She is sorry it happened
that way, she says while looking at Ai. They didn't expect this
reaction at all. Finally Asatani turns towards their father, who
is silently standing next to his daughters. She always thought
of him as a ghost, are the only words she says to him before she
turns to face Hitomi again and gets one of their cards out of
her pocket. After she has looked at it for some seconds she lays
it on a table. She has taken the card with her before anybody
noticed it lying in the hall. Nobody will connect CE with the
incident. She flies back to Tokyo. Before anybody can react the
police officer is out of the door.

On the hallway Hitomi catches up with her. Why does she do this?
Asatani stops and turns around. She doesn't know. She didn't
believe Detective Uzumi his theory about their father, she had
better done it. Mabey he was the only one who at least tried to
understand. She doesn't arrest them only because she sees in CE
the daughters of a father for the first time. However, that
doesn't mean all that happened is forgiven and she swears, if CE
does just one theft one day, she will arrest them, she answers
after a few moments. She turns away but asks before going if the
detective knows about their other identity. Hitomi only nods,
Asatani isn't surprised. She thought as much.

It's almost midnight as Michael sits in a chair next to a window
in the hotel room. They stayed with the still unconscious Ai as
long as it was them allowed and then returned to the hotel.
Exhausted his daughters fell asleep soon. He is tired as well
but doesn't want to sleep for fear they won't be there anymore
when he awakes and that all has been only a dream. So he sits
next to his sleeping daughters. He knows Hitomi feels
responsible and guilty for the state her younger sister is in.
Although it was an accident he knows it will take Hitomi some
time till she has got over it. The three knew very well what
risks they took and what sacrifices they would have to make as
they became thieves. But they never could have known the dark,
cruel and profound truth they would discover. They never could
have foreseen the bizarre situation Berger would force them
into. He hates Berger because he did that to his daughters. He
hates him for the uncertainty, fear and pain of the last years. 
All that lies behind them now. Although it will take him some
time till he won't look behind himself at the slightest noise
anymore, he can begin to live a normal life again. He knows it
won't be easy. He has to make up for so much, there is so much
he has to learn about his own

daughters. The last years surely changed them in many ways, they
risked their freedom and their life for him. He can only try to
come back and be a good father for them again - something he
couldn't be the last six and a half years. What would have been
if it didn't end as lucky, if this police officer arrested and
lead away his daughters in handcuffs? He wouldn't have beard
that. He saw the resignation in their eyes, they were willing to
endure the consequences. He knows they don't want him to feel
responsible for their decision so many years ago. However, fact
is that without him nothing of this would ever happened. Again
he looks at his sleeping daughters. He has to stop thinking that
way. He is back and together with them again, that's all that

The sun is just about to rise as Hitomi walks the last hundred
metres to the hospital. Although she has slept only a few hours
she got up before her sister and her father. She is exhausted
from the strains of the past days, but she can't sleep anymore
and has to clear her head somehow. She almost fears the meeting
with her younger sister, though Ai is probably not awake yet.
But the look of her sister as the knife loomed out of her chest
has engraved itself deeply in her memory. A few minutes later
she stands lost in her thoughts on the window of the hospital
room and looks at her still unconscious sister. The three of
them often got nearly killed in the course of the last years,
they have been attacked and chased, but they could escape time
and time again. More than one time they argued about one thing
or another, but in the end they always together got what they
wanted. Berger knew that he could only stir her sisters
animosity against her if her forced Ai. Hitomi fears the images
of the fight will haunt her forever, she can still feel the
paralysing realisation she became the murderer of her sister.
Although she knows it will be alright now, the images are still
there. After some time Ai wakes up, a few seconds they only look
at each other. The happiness gives away the realisation what
happened. She nearly killed her in there, Hitomi says. She
herself at last attacked her with a pole and a knife, her sister
answers her. But she was drugged, Hitomi says. She realized too
late what Berger planned, because of that she did exactly what
he wanted her to do: she lost control. She only defended
herself, she mustn't blame herself for that. But she could have
prevented that it got so far! Because of all the years they are
CE she should have had the experience!, Hitomi says while she
turns around to face her sister again. Nothing and nobody could
have prepared her for that, Ai answers before she continues: She
tried to fight against the strange voice in her head they gave
her somehow, but it was too strong. She couldn't do anything,
she could only watch herself attacking Hitomi again and again.
It was as if another person had control over her and she was
helpless to do anything. Hitomi tried to bring her to her senses
the whole time, Berger is to blame, not them.  When she thought
Ai to be dead she almost killed Berger. She could only think of
what he had done to her sister and nearly shot him, Hitomi
admits. What happened to their father?, Ai asks. He is alright,
they came in due time. Everything is fine. Inspite of the
delight at the news there is still the thing with the police
officer. Asatani will come and arrest them, won't she?, Ai asks.
Hitomi tells her about what happened. Why ever Asatani protects
them, they should be grateful for it.

Two weeks later Michael reads a newspaper article on the airport.
"The scandal involving the Swiss National Bank and the connections
to the embezzlement of gold of the Nazis in the 40s widens more
and more. A global connection gets more and more clear as well,
since the FBI is involved now, too. Today the leaders of the
criminal connection confessed because of the many evidences. Two
weeks ago offices and private houses in Switzerland and other
countries have been searched. Because of the news blackout, that is
still in force, there aren't more detailed information about the
members of the connection and their other crimes as well as the
informant, who brought the police on the right track and gave them
many of the evidences. The informant is strictly protected, public
might never get to know him."
Michael folds up the newspaper as he sees his daughters coming
towards him. The last two weeks have been the happiest he
experienced since six and a half years. In the beginning is has
been a little difficult for him and for them to realize it's over.
He isn't on flight and they aren't on search anymore. Baumgartner
has taken control over all things and is the informant all
newspapers and people are speculating about. He promised Michael
to never expose the name of him or his family. Not only the
newspapers but everybody speculates about the identity of the
informant and his connections to the criminals. In spite of the
many theories existing nobody will discover the secret of Heintz
and his daughters.
The ones who know about it remain silent as well as the detective,
who chased his daughters three years. During the last weeks
Michael also spent time with him and Toshio told him a lot about
the three and CE. They went to hell and back for him all the years
and the whole time Hitomi was torn between the detective and her

His thoughts return to the present as Ai asks Toshio, who stands
next to them, teasingly how the police got through the last weeks
without their help.
Does she believe the police wasn't able to catch the criminals
they always caught for them, Toshio asks.
"Yes!" the three answer in unison. He can't say
anything against this, therefore he smiles and shrugs his
shoulders before he goes ahead of them in the direction of the
plain that will take them home. Then they will finally be able to
return to a normal life, whatever "normal" means with these three.

The End

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